El Otoño

Just as summer was crazy, this fall has kept me busy.  I made the last minute decision to stay in Malaga and start with my residency process.  This means that at the moment I am legal to stay in Spain, but job wise I’m still illegal to work.  *insert thumbs down*  So I have been busy with my private English classes.  I have to admit that this has been a difficult change for me.  Although I love my students and that I am in charge of planning my own classes, it has been chaotic making a normal schedule.  It’s also been difficult to balance my schedule and have it coincide with Cris’ schedule.  I’ve also come to realize how much I do enjoy working in a classroom.  Which means I have been looking at different certification programs here in Spain, such as the CELTA certification and more Spanish classes.

Don’t fret, though, I have had plenty of time for some fun!


Signing the pareja de hecho document! This process was actually quite easy compared to the following steps.




Birthday beers!


Maybe if we put all of our money together we could rent a small row boat here in Marbella.


Tapas on top of more tapas


One of my favorite Thanksgiving activities. This one was done by my little nugget Alejandro who loves macaroni, so it only makes sense his pet turkey would too.


Prince William and Harry were a hit.


Don’t worry Cris’ American lessons have continued.


Da feast. NOM.

I even found some time to hop on over to La Palma the capital of Mallorca, one of the Balearic islands (think of Ibiza).


See that letter A?-that’s where I was.

During the summer is when the islands are hopping, everyone from the Biebs to Rhianna vacation there.  However in the fall it’s a bit more quieter…but there was still plenty of party left for us.  I would like to say we took the time to really learn the history about the different sights, but we didn’t.  We took the time to see the Cathedral and the historic center, but we also made time to take a day trip out to Porto Cristo.  Here we saw some sweet caves and got to take a little boat ride on the underground lake.


Literally you can see the Balearic Sea from any part of the island. We estimated it probably could take about 2 hours to drive the width of the island.


Inside the caves


As the tour guide describe this part of the flag: the Bacon or the Spanish flag…depending on the way you look at it.


Just creeping, I mean waiting, for Rafael Nadal to come home.

Walking around the historical center was beautiful.  Of course the Cathedral is one of the center points.


But the streets were also beautiful too!




This one was just funny.


Look a little familiar to one famous Gaudí in Barcelona? Well, one of his students designed this building.

However, one downside to visiting La Palma is that it is expensive.  Literally, the most money I have spent in Spain for anything.  I have to admit…we did eat Burger King three times on the trip…


Evidence A: Two “tapas” costed triple the beer…this is most likely a crime in Andalucía.


But I mean, look at that view.

Then, just in an instant, it’s Christmas time!  Up next is celebrating Nochebuena Spanish style!  Hasta Luego!


A little sneak peek to prove that Spain loves Christmas just as much as Americans do!

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