Gotta Get Dem Köttbullar!

A visit to the homeland was long over due.  This time I went with my friend Mika and we decided to visit the southern city of Gothenburg, Sweden.  I was excited to continue my adventures in the homeland while stuffing my face with as many meatballs and fresh seafood I could get.  Mika was just excited to see snow falling.  Priorities.

I have to admit that Gothenburg is no Stockholm, but it does have it’s own uniqueness.  The best part about it is that it is waaaaay cheaper than Stockholm, and it has an amazing city visitor card that was totally worth the money.  Included in the ticket was transportation, a tour of the archipelagos, entrances to most of the museums, and more!

Mika’s dream, my nightmare, came true and it was snowing our first day!  Yes it did make walking around a bit more difficult, but it was actually pretty.  The best part was Mika’s exclamations of how pretty the snow was.  We even managed to have a little snowball fight.  We started our day off with a traditional fika of coffee and brülle, a coffee pastry.


This isn't TOO bad to look at.

This isn’t TOO bad to look at.

Then we set off to see as much as we could! We started our adventure in the pedestrian area of Haga Nygata.  I may or may not have become obsessed with this neighborhood.  It’s little, quiet, and super super Swedish.  Mika and I found an amazing little cafe that had all the traditional fixings for Fika.  Mika was flabbergasted at how easily I fit in with the Swedes.  At one point she lost me in a crowd of people and I quote “Amy, I can always find you in Spain because you are the tallest and have blond hair.  Here everyone looks like you!”  We went to the traditional fish market, Feskekörka, that was designed like a gothic church.  There isn’t really story behind it…it’s just a nice fish market.  Here we got to enjoy a great seafood quiche.


We made sure to make a stop at the best meatball restaurant for some great Swedish meatballs with potatoes.  I was in heaven.  Seriously, we ate here twice it was THAT good.



One of my favorite things we did was take a boat tour of the archipelagos on the sea.  These are little communities on the group of islands right off of the mainland.  During winter the islands aren’t as popular, but during the summer its always hopping.  Many of the houses we saw were the traditional Scandinavian style, and reminded me of my first time visiting the smaller towns up in northern Sweden.



Finally, one of our last stops was the Gothenburg City museum.  It was great to see how the city had changed over the years.  The museum itself use to be the offices of the Swedish East India Company.  What was even cooler is that the museum had a lot of information about the emigration of Swedes to Minnesota and the midwest during the late 1800’s, which was when my mom’s family left Sweden for the States!

This is definitely not the end of my explorations of Sweden.  I am still failing miserably at learning and remember any new Swedish I learn.  Let’s be real, I can always be down to eat more Swedish meatballs.  I anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to discover more about my family history there.  Maybe even branching out and starting new adventures in Norway?  Anyways, it’s off to plan the next adventure!  Hasta Luego!

Good ol Gustav bids you a "hejdå!"

Good ol Gustav bids you a “hejdå!”

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