Thanksgiving…the Spanish Way.

WARNING:  I know I’m a little late with this Thanksgiving post…I blame Spanish time.

Spanish time.

I’m a pretty lucky gal.  I’m currently in Spain, teaching (for only 12 hours a week I might add), traveling, meeting some awesome people, and learning Spanish.  ALSO, I have maybe the best Spanish family EVER to celebrate the many holidays (and Spanish fiestas) with.

This past weekend I had the chance to celebrate not one, BUT TWO Thanksgivings with some amazing friends (who are really my family).  Yes, it was a little bit harder to find/cook “traditional” Thanksgiving food (ovens are a very rare commodity here), but we were all able to get together and create some awesome memories.

On Friday I traveled to Huelva, to have a Thanksgiving almuerzo (lunch) with my friends Christine, Marybeth, and my roommate Catherine.  No worries folks, I did not cook a single thing.  I provided the amazing wine from Bollullos and some delicious olives from a local Bodega.  Marybeth, the amazing chef she is, created some great HOTDISHES (yes Marybeth, if you are reading this it’s hotdish in Minnesota.  Minnesotans have no idea what “casseroles” are).

Then I made the trek to the east side of Andalucía to Arcos de la Frontera for my other Thanksgiving coma.  Arcos is about 30 minutes outside of Jerez de la Frontera and is very close to the big city of Cádiz (Think BEACHES).  It is a town literally made of hills, and lives ON TOP of a mountain.  So no worries, I worked off about all of the food I haven’t eaten since arriving in Spain.  Arcos is also another pueblo blanco (white village), just like Bollullos, BUT it has an awesome castle.  However, the castle is privately owned so no visitors allowed (not so awesome).  Anyways while I got over that shock, I enjoyed helping make some food (OK the bruschetta that needed no cooking what so ever…again I provided the wine), catching up with some great friends, making new friends (three other Auxiliaries from Arcos came), and stuffing myself until I literally couldn’t eat anymore.  BUT I did eat more, no preocupes (no worries).

Spanish Fam!

Spanish Fam!

Hotdishes galor with the cook herself, MaryBeth!

Hotdishes galor with the cook herself, MaryBeth!

What I'm thankful for this year.

What I’m thankful for this year.

Second spread of the weekend, so delicious!

Second spread of the weekend, so delicious!

The whole group!  Great people!

The whole group! Great people!

Don't worry, we decorated!

Don’t worry, we decorated!

Such happy campers!

Such happy campers!

The group!

The group!

The view from up on top of Arcos

The view from up on top of Arcos

So you all are probably wondering what I am thankful for and here are the top five (cause let’s be real, I gotta go siesta soon.)

1.  My family and friends back home who are supporting me and sending me love and prayers all the way here in Spain.  A shout out to my rents for letting go out on this crazy adventure and for supporting me mentally and finically to make this happen.  An even more special shout out to my mom who is willing to send me anything in the mail…underware, stickers, deodorant, peanut butter, Reese’s, peanut butter (obviously most important) so that I can have a piece of home in my new home.

2.  My new Spanish family who are making this time a complete adventure and pushing me to try every new thing that comes my way (AKA FISH). I am so blessed that I have been able to create friendships with so many amazing people who share many of the same passions as I do. More importantly every single one of you are always up for a crazy adventure!

3.  My new school.  I am completely overwhelmed by how much support every single teacher (bilingual or non bilingual) has given me.  I have been welcomed into a great group of people.  Everyday is a new day at Las Viñas from random Spanish slang lessons, to flamenco dances in the staff lounge, to teachers stopping by my house to make sure the Gypsies (totally politically correct here in Spain…) haven’t stolen me or anything in my house.  I know that while I am here in Bollullos I have about 35 people who would race to save me, even if I was in Iceland.

4.Spanish food and drink.  I was a bit worried about eating while I was here…I’m still not a big huge fan of seafood (mariscos en Español), but I am definitely eating for fun (and not fuel) here.  As for drinks, I literally live in wine country so…ANYWAYS I have been super adventurous and trying new foods everyday and I come to love the food.

5. Finally technology that allows me to keep in touch with those I love.  Facebook, Skype, Apple products, Skype, Correo (the spanish post office), Skype, WordPress, and Skype.  Even though I am thousands of miles away, I truly feel like I am at home with everyone.  Also, without mail I wouldn’t be able to receive all of my lovely packages with junk food and American beauty products!

Things to look forward to this next week:

1. My first full weekend in Bollullos



Still struggling to realize this is my life!

Still struggling to realize this is my life!

One thought on “Thanksgiving…the Spanish Way.

  1. Cathy says:

    Love all these posts. I decided to follow you so that I don’t have to rely on your Mom. Even though she is pretty quick at letting us know what you are up to! She loves Skype, too!

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