La Musica Loca

Since Pandora doesn’t work in Europe, I’ve taken to listening to Spotify.  Also, we all know how much I love music so I have made an effort to immerse myself into the music here.

Here is my top ten Spanish songs (yes, Spotify had some influence…):

1.  Te Voy A Esperar:

-Please enjoy clips from “Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones“ a new kid’s movie that recently came out here.

2.  Pan & Mantaquilla:

-This is personally my favorite song right now.

3.  Tacata: (I rate this video at least PG-13)

-Currently working on my Tacata moves for la discoteca.

4.  Euphoria:

-If you want some good emotion start here.

5. Bará Bará Bere Berê:  uhhhh Spain has no censoring except when cigarettes are on TV…You can go find this music video yourself.

6. Agachte:

-Get your salsa on!

7.  Me Enamoré:

-Yo en amor con el perrito en la video (I’m in love with the little dog in the video).

8. Pégate Más:

-The Chorus:  “MORE MORE MORE, GIVE ME MORE!  I WANT MORE!” Just give him more…dance moves obviously.

9.  Ai Se Eu Te Pego:

-I literally don’t even know what language he is speaking, but it’s not Spanish.

10.  Se Vuelve Loca:

-Two words:  Gandia Shore.  View a clip here:

One last thing:  Here is a video of a guy my age from Bollullos that won second place in a talent show for Flamenco music only for Andalucians. To say he is a superstar is an understatement:

Don’t worry ya’ll, I have purchased his CD that comes with not one, BUT TWO, posters of him.  They are now hanging on my ceiling.

I hope this gets you out of your Monday blues! HASTA LUEGO!

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