A Day in the Life of an Auxiliary!

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I know, not as exciting as one famous cat named Leo (Is he taking the US by storm now?).  However, I know many people are beginning to wonder if I actually do any form of work here in Spain.  So here is a day in the life of me:

7:15 AM:  The first joke of the day…why would I really get up then? Ambitious Amy from the night before decided that she is going to get up bright and early to post pictures on Facebook, blog, lesson plan, and even go for a run.  Has yet to happen.

8:30 AM:  When I really get up.  Which some days is still too early.  How did this happen when I use to be up at 6:30 or even 4:30 AM (thanks to Safari Island)?  SPANISH TIME.  No Spaniard arises earlier than 8 AM…or even 9 AM.

9:30 AM:  Begin my walk to school, which should only take me 15 minutes.  However, everyday I am stopped on the street and interviewed by the people of Bollullos (usually the older population who cannot fathom why I am here).

10:05 AM:  Arrive to my first class of the day…always five minutes late due to my morning interviews.

Noon:  Recreo (Recess) every kid is anticipating this time, and I am too.  Why?  I finally get my coffee for the day!

2:00 PM:  Finish school.  En serio, out the door with the students (somedays I’m faster than them jajaja) and I race home because I’m starving.

4:00 PM:  Start the circus of tutoring/clases particulares (they are both the same thing) around Bollullos.  I literally power walk all over Bollullos with this in hand:  five white boards, 4 folders, multiple travel size board games (GUESS WHO AND OPERATION, yep I’m the coolest teacher ever), markers, two decks on cards (these kids will be pro black jack players when I’m done with them, and carmelos (candy) for motivation and when I need a sugar boost.  UFF TAH.

Clases particulares are essentially private tutoring.  Also, it is an awesome way for me to make some more cash!  I have about 15 students I work with throughout the week individually and in groups.  It’s a totally relaxed atmosphere and one-on-one.  There is no grammar allowed during these lessons, it’s all about having fun and learning English through fun activities and games.  It’s all about fun and NO PASA NADA is my motto during that time.  I have been doing my clases particulares for about two weeks now, and I’m finding it to be pretty exciting.  Kids tell you a lot of things when you are one-on-one with them 🙂

9:00 PM:  I finally trek it back home to go work out at the local gym…with the local Juice Heads.  They could give Pauly D and the Situation a run for their money.

10:00 PM:  DIN DIN!  This is when I make a mess of the kitchen trying to create a delicious meal that always includes pasta.

1:00 AM-2:00 AM:  Finally go to bed after wasting too much time creeping on Facebook and watching Friends, Glee, Game of Thrones, and New Girl on my laptop.

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