This past week was a pretty exciting week in B-Town (Bollullos slang).  It was the 75th birfday of the statue of Jesus.  How did we find out about this (since no one really seems to know the goings on of Bollullos)?  We literally stumbled upon it while we were walking home from the grocery store:

We really went all out for Jesus’ birfday.

HAY WHAT’S UP!?!?! Look at that entourage.

So after that awkward moment (we really weren’t ready to fiesta on a Monday night), Catherine and I both went to our coworkers asking about this famous procession.  We learned the greatest news ever:  Jesus was going to be processing down OUR street to have a fiesta (party) with our friend San Antonio, the monument at the end of our street.  QUE GUAY (HOW COOL!)!

Since nothing super exciting happens in B-town, Thursday nights procession was the highlight of our month.  AND WE HAD FRONT ROW SEATS.

Jesus has his own little group that announces his arrival and also provides some depressing and dark music for the party.

The men carry Jesus are all apart of this “brotherhood” that “protects” this monument. Scroll down for more explanation.

Look at that fiesta de pijamas (slumber party)! There was a little Catholic church service and everything!

Yep. Got this close to Jesus.

Now you all are probably wondering what the heck is going on in my town and if every week is like this (sadly it’s not).  Well, I was too.  Until I got the deets on this fiesta sorpresa (surprise party):

As I mentioned before there is a Brotherhood in Bollullos that is in charge of “protecting” this statue.  Sadly, no one knows the name of this Brotherhood, or where it’s headquarters is so I can put my application in to join.  ANYWAYS, 75 years ago during the last big civil war (again, no one knows the name of it), another brotherhood from a neighboring pueblo came and burned down the church, located in Bollullos, that was housing Jesus (RUDE.).  So there were some dark times after that while the new Jesus was being made, the Bollullos brotherhood helped out some other brotherhoods in protecting their statues and probably drank a lot of cervezas too.  Finally the new Jesus was built, christened, and sent on its maiden voyage around town.  Now every year, Jesus has a procession each night to visit all of the monuments in Bollullos (there are quite a few) and on the Saturday of that week there is a huge festival.  Sadly I did not attend for I was at another Feria (fair) in Cartaya, Huelva.  Don’t worry, I told Jesus during his fiesta with San Antonio, and he was cool with it.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but Spain is 75% Catholic.  However, not every takes Catholicism seriously.  The town of Bollullos takes it somewhat seriously since there was such a turn out.  However, it seemed to be more of a social gathering since more people were talking to each other during the service…but again, what do I know?  I’m Lutheran and we just like to eat a lot of food.  Althought this cultural experience was very different than anything that would happen in the US, it was a great to watch this traditional procession happen!  It gave me a chance to really see what the locals were like, and also a chance for them to see me!

Until next time amigos!  HASTA LUEGO!

One thought on “HAPPY 75th BIRFDAY JESUS!

  1. Susan Culver says:

    Very cool. I’ll bet that their celebration didn’t include coffee and bars though. Gotta have those bars. Enjoy.
    Hugs, mom

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