Tarifa, Cadiz, Sevilla, Huelva…OH MY!

This past week was my week to find a piso (floor/flat) in my new teaching destination.  Since I had accomplished that task, I literally had a free week to whatever I wanted to do.  As much as I wanted to spend time in Bollullos, there is literally nothing to do (beside hang out at the local cafe with my new 75 year old friends!).  So I head out with a couple of friends to go exploring.  It was an adventure as usual.

FIRST THING:  It rained in Spain…not like a nice relieving sprinkle.  IT POURED. So we had to move all of our activities up a few days.  Which meant taking a taxi (this time some guys mini van) to La Palma to get on the last train to Huelva.  Then head to Sevilla the next morning (by bus) to get on another bus to Tarifa in the province of Cadiz.  There we a-went WHALE WATCHING.  YES.  I SAID WHALE WATCHING.

Here is the proof:

You may have to zoom in, but IT’S A SPERM WHALE

SECOND THING:  Bring your passport to any hostel/hotel you go to…or else you don’t get to stay there.  We were lucky and the hostel owners were more obsessed with money (there IS a crisis going on right now!) than our safety, so we got to stay.  It was my first real hostel experience, and it was really fun (NOTHING like the movie Hostal…which I haven’t seen.).

THIRD THING:  When the weather forecast says there is an 80 percent chance of rain…it is probably right (Even though I have been raised thinking “the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains…lies all lies.).  Make sure to pack for it, and bring your raincoat even though you don’t like wearing it.  It will make your life and journey much less wet.

Tarifa is a beautiful city right on the Strait of Gibraltar, only 14 KM from Africa!  The town really reminded me of Venice Beach in California.  It was full of hippies, trendy shops, and plenty of places to get seafood!  We did as much as we could for one day: went whale watching, ate at an amazing restaurant, and shopped.  We were lucky we got to the city that day because we caught the last of the good weather for the week and the last glimpses of whales who would be migrating the next few days.

After Tarifa, we continued on (in the pouring rain, I might add) to another beach town, Cadiz.  However there wasn’t really anything we could do because of the rain.  However, that night we got word of a really cool bar with live music and we decided to hit it up.  Like any good secret bar, it’s in the middle of nowhere and has a sign of one of the three names it is called.  We got to hear a set from a group of men that I have renamed as IL DIVO DE ESPAÑA.  They were really great.  It made up for all the rain we had to put up with.

After we had enough with the rain, we headed back to Sevilla where I met up with my friend Dacotah who is doing a semester at sea.  I got to play tour guide and showed her and her friends around Sevilla.  They had a blast, and I had a reason to visit all my favorite places (RAYAS ICE CREAMMMM) and really give them an authentic Spanish day!  I also had a chance to hang out with my host mom, Margarita, and mi gato favorito, Leo.

Here you go Mom, just for you!

The famous Margarita and Leo. Leo was very tired that day and didn’t want his picture taken…

Finally I ended my week of couch hopping in the capital, Huelva with more friends!  Finally it had stopped raining, so it was a weekend for the beach!  We also hit the town Friday night and surprisingly made a lot of new Spanish friends.  Spaniards are super friendly, but even more friendly when you are blonde like me and tearing up the dance floor like a true gangster (En serio).  To end this awesome week, we ended up going to the beach in Punta Umbria right outside of Huelva.  It was of course gorgeous beach, and we literally laid out the whole time.  PERFECTION. Although a lot of Spaniards say that “Huelva es fea” (Huelva is ugly), it was actually really fun, and if you look hard and plug your nose in some places (it kind of smells there) you can find the beauty of the place!

Drinks over looking Huelva!

Just chillin with Christopher Columbus. Always pointing to the sea.

Some days I still can’t believe this is my life!  HASTA LUEGO!

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