Worth a Thousand Words…

Flamenco dancing in Triana. a part of the month long Bienal de Flamenco!



Goofying off with the Roman gods in Casa Pilatos.

The courtyard of Casa Pilatos. The house is a literal copy of a Roman Emperor’s house that was in Rome.

Casual row boat ride in Plaza de Espana.

Plaza de Espana. This was built for a World’s fair back in the day.

The bridge to Triana, another neighborhood in Sevilla. It’s beautiful at night.

On top of Las Setas! A monument built 2 years ago that has a great view of the centro.

Pic with the Catherdral and Giralda.

A night out! Discoteca-ing it until 6 AM! This is actually “early” for Spaniards to leave the clubs…

Modern Art Museum that is located in an old monastery. This room houses the works of Jose something or other…there were a lot of Jose’s there.

Traditional paella with seafood and a tinto de verano while at the beach in Matalsacanas!

People always say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought I would try this for a change!  These pictures show what I have done this past week!  Again, it was a busy one, but full of so many good experiences!  Here’s to a final week in Sevilla!

Hasta Luego!


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