A Day in the Life of Leo

Most of you know that my host mom, Margarita, has a cat named Leo.  Some of you know my love hate relationship with this cat.  Let’s put it this way:  I find cats creepy and weird.  I have my reasons and Leo is the perfect example.

I thought you would all enjoy to read about the “difficult” life Leo lives.

8:15 AM:  Stand right outside my door to bid me good morning.  OR as I see it:  sit and creep me out every morning.


Or when I am lucky (QUE SUERTE!) he is in my room after I shower:

He loves fine fabrics.

Leo also likes to assist me in picking out my outfit for the day.

8:25 AM:  Potty break.

Yes, I envaded his private time.

8:30 AM:  Desayuno (Breakfast)


8:40 AM:  Shower time!

Yep. Again, in my bed.

8:45 AM:  Attempt to escape out of the apartment and run UPSTAIRS.  Not exactly the form of exercise I want in the morning

Attempting to escape.

2:45 PM:  Welcome me home from Spanish class by trying to escape once more.  Also time for his 5th nap of the day…He has been quite busy conducting the neighborhood watch.

Even in his sleep, Leo ve a ti.

Conducting the neighborhood watch of the back terrace.

4:00 PM:  Time to sneak into my room (During siesta, I might add) and commandeer mi cama (my bed).

It’s MY bed!

4:30 PM:  Continue the neighborhood watch from the front room window.

Always watching.

9:00 PM: Cena (dinner) for the humans.  Leo will literally lay on my side of the table so I can’t eat.

It’s MY table.

9:45 PM-2 AM and then starting again at 6 AM:  Hacer ejercisio (Time to exercise!)

Strength training:  Climbing up and down Margarita’s new shelves.

Hide and Seek.

Leo also has such tough decisions:  Which toy to play with?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

And watch me watching him:

Always. watching.

As you can probably see I have too much free time since I have spent the last week following Leo around.  BUT it was well worth it.  We may possibly started a new chapter of our friendship.  However, he can stop his late night/early morning workout sessions with his ball.  I would like to sleep a little bit more.

See still working on it:

Don’t worry I’ll survive!

Until next time friends!  Hasta Luego!

One thought on “A Day in the Life of Leo

  1. Amber says:

    Hi Ams! You did it – Leo is immortalized and famous. Does he know it? Is he living up to his new-found fame? You look GREAT! in Spain. How are you doing? I printed your blog to give to Grandpa Ormie. He’ll love seeing it in print, and will love more seeing what you’re doing and the pics of you in Spain. Each morning, still, he says “Hi Amy!” Then, he asks me how do you think Amy is doing today? Where do you think she is? We look at your pictures, up in the house, and talk about painted rocks you did, and send our love. Love you, honey, Amber

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