Food.  It is what brings people together.  Eating also happens to be one of my favorite past times.

As all of you know.  I love to eat.  En serio (really).  So it would only be fitting that I have a post about all the wonderful things I have been eating during my time here.  Yes Mom, I have found some food that I will eat.  You will be proud to know that I have tried everything that has been put in front of me.  However, that doesn’t mean I like EVERYTHING I try…AKA French Cheese.  NEVER AGAIN.  Although Spaniards don’t snack (remember snacking is American), they still eat large amounts of food.

Here are a few things I have noticed about Spanish food:

1.  It’s fried in olive oil (aciente de oliva) ALL THE TIME.

2.  Spaniards do not eat veggies.  And when you ask for a salad be prepared for something that is not a salad, but limp lechuga (lettuce).  Also, be prepared for quizzical looks to why you would ever want something so bland.  See #5

3.  You have to refuse food a few times before finally caving in and saying you will stay for food.

4.  Also one must wait to be offered more food…it’s rude to just reach for more.  Your senora also must dish it onto your plate (to make sure you get waaaay more than you will actually eat).

5.  Your senora will make a feast that feed a small country.  Don’t worry, she doesn’t think you are muy gordo/a (very fat), she actually thinks you are muy flaco/a (very skinny) and are NEVER eating enough.

6.  Everything comes with white bread.  Multi-grain bread is very rare in Espana.  And you don’t get just a piece of bread…it’s a small baguette that usually serves 2 to 3 people.

7.  The major meats eaten here:  Fish and Jamon.  The Jamon is to DIE for.  I have decided to name my future dog JAMON because I love it so much!

8.  Spaniards love their condiments…expect your Senora to offer you ketchup for your tortilla Espana (look below for pictures).

9.  Spaniards do not like spicy.  NOT AT ALL.  You will not find guacamole, spicy salsa, or any form of comida caliente (spicy food).

10.  I could live on tapas for the rest of my life.  En serio (really).

Get ready to be jealous of all the food I eat:

Gazpacho. A chilled tomato soup.

Una cerverzita. A little beer!

Tortilla de Espana. Can consist of potatoes, onions, peppers, and eggs.

Typical tapas menu. Tapas are little dishes (kind of like appetizers, except smaller). The idea is to get a whole bunch of them to share con tus amigos (your friends!).

Cruzcampo…what Spain lives on.

My new addiction: Gelato. However this is Beso de Dama (left side) and Nutella (right side) gelato.

Tomatoes, peppers, and chicken. Complete with a baguette of bread and a huge bowl of caulifower.

Berenjenas con Miel y Salmorejo… deep fried eggplant with a maple sugar and something else amazing drizzled over it.

Espinacas con garbanzos. This has become my favorite meal. It’s cooked spinach (in olive oil of course) with garbanzo beans! As Margarita says, “Es para Popeye!”

Olivas (Olives). YUM.

Patatas bravas. Potatoes with a form of Ranch dressing and mild spicy sauce.

Tienes mucho hambre ahora? (Hungry now?) 🙂


  1. Susan Culver says:

    LOVED it. I now know for sure that you’re my daughter. You love spinach. You’ll have to watch Margarita make that dish because it’s something that I could deal with. Also, find out about that maple sugar eggplant thing. That looks really good.

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