Help me Ronda, Help, Help me Ronda!

El semana pasada yo fui a la playa de Cuesta Maneli y Ronda.  La playa es muy, muy, muy bonital y muy natural.  Esta en el Parque Nacional de Donana.  Ronda es una ciudad bonita.  Yo visite muchas lugeras en la ciudad.  Yo visite New bridge, el museo de Ronda, Arabian baths, y Torros ring.

For my friends who don’t speak Spanish:

This past Saturday I went to Cuesta Maneli beach and Ronda.  The beach was very, very, very pretty and very natural.  It is in the Donana National Park.  Ronda is a beautiful city.  I visited many places in the city.  I visited the New Bridge, the Ronda museum, the Arabian Baths, and the Bull fighting ring.

My friends and I went to the beach on Wednesday after Spanish class.  Again, such a rough life I live.  I laid on the beach, I swam in the ocean, laid on the beach some more, took at walk down the beach to the “nude” side (awkward turtles all around), and then laid on the beach some more.  It was very exhausting. VERY EXHAUSTING.  The beach was a surprise because we had a 15 minute walk (waaaaay too long of a walk…UPHILL BOTH WAYS.  Maybe I need to work out harder at el gimnasio-the gym) through the park, and all of sudden you see the beautiful blue water of the ocean!

La playa de Cuesta Maneli!

So much fun at the beach!

On Saturday, I headed west to the providence of Malaga for a day trip to Ronda.  It’s about 2 to 3 hours away from Sevilla.  This trip was organized through my school, CLIC, so many of my friends went too!

Puerta Nuevo (New Bridge)!
Man, I don’t know what looks better, me or the bridge?!?!?

This bridge, la Puerta Nuevo, connects the two sides of the town, and was built in 1751 and finished in 1793.

The Museum of Ronda consists of a wide range of information starting with the history of cave people who lived in the Serranía de Ronda (Mountains of Ronda).  It also had information about many mythological gods, such as hermes.  What I found most interesting was the exhibit about the Arabian burial grounds that have been found all around Ronda.  Back in the day, the Arabs had settled in this area…hence why there are Arab bathes.

I know. Hermes had some pretty sweet kicks back in the day.

The Arab baths were awesome.  They were very similar to Roman baths, used for every day bathing, but were also on the was to the Mosque of the town.  So many would do their daily bathing before they went off to worship.  There were many rooms in the baths.  The first area you walked into was the reception area where one would remove their clothes.  The second room was the Sala fria (the cold room), the third room was the Sala templada (the warm room), and finally the last room was the Sala calor (the hot room).  Just like the Roman baths, these had a heating system under the floors that allowed the heat to travel through the Templada and Calor rooms.

These tiles were used to create space between the ground and the tile floor. It allowed for heat to travel throughout the baths and to heat the rooms. This specific picture is from my travels in Bath, England. It’s a similar set up with the Arab baths in Ronda.


The natural light on the roof.

Here is the natural light system that the Arbs created…it also allows for air to move around too!

Finally we visited the famous bullfighting ring in Ronda.  I’m not going to lie, I was kind of tired, and all the tours had been in Spanish…so I had looked up a lot of this information. #roughlife for me. If you want to make sure my sources are correct check out this website:

The Bull Ring!

This is where the bulls are kept. Notice how rope is used to open the doors…and is coming from up on the second floor.

However, this bullring in Ronda is muy famoso (very famous).  It was built during the years of 1779 to 1785.  Since then it has been the epicenter of bull fighting in Spain.  This weekend there is a huge festival called ‘Feria Goyesca de Pedro Romero.  It celebrates Pedro Romero, the founder of modern bullfighting.  There will be many bullfights and people dress up in traditional bull fighting gear such as this:


JUST KIDDING!  My friend Mike has big dreams of being a matador.  We had to let him live his dream at least once while in Spain!  Now HERE is the real stuff:

Now, on Thursday I will be going to the first bull fight of the season in Sevilla…stay tuned for video and mucho informacion (a lot of information) about bull fighting here in Spain.

Once again, I am having the time of my life here in Spain!  Every day is a new adventure for me, filled with challenges and victories!  Hasta Luego!

Es la vida buena!

One thought on “Help me Ronda, Help, Help me Ronda!

  1. Susan Culver says:

    Great post!! Don’t forget, the bull doesn’t come out so well in a bullfight. Have fun. It was great to talk and see you today. Love you.
    Mom and Dad

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