First, I FINALLY made it to Sevilla.  As everyone knows, traveling never goes smoothly, especially in Europe.  My flight from Dallas to London was two hours last because of weather (it was really only rain…come on!), so I missed my train from London-Euston station to Stafford.  However, there are many trains going out of London so I just hopped on the next one.  Sadly, the Queen Mum and Harry were not able to greet me at the airport…such busy lives they have.

A few nerdy things I got very very very excited about:

Walking through Heathrow with all the Olympic stuff still up…AKA I walked where Michael Phelps walked.

Let’s be real…Michael Phelps probably did walk on this SAME floor.


Strongbow black.

And British people in general.

During my stay in Stafford (See map for location) I got to do day trips to other cities around the Midlands.

Stafordshire is the area I stayed for the week

I went to Tom’s hometown of Birmingham (ALL BY MYSELF with NO google maps to help #firstworldproblems) and visited the Art Museum and did some window shopping (I seriously have NO room for extra things in my bags).  One lesson I had to re-learn was to never leave the house without an umbrella.  I also learned that literally ANYTHING goes on the trains.  If you want to have a beer, do it!  If you want to make 20 cigarette, do it!  Want to hang upside down from the hand bars on the ceiling, DO IT! It’s a free for all on those trains.  I also got to head up to Liverpool with Tom to see the port area along with the MANY MANY museums they have.  Seriously, they have a museum for everything and anything:  the Maritime museum that had exhibits about sailor life, the titanic and other British vessels, there was the Slavery museum (we actually never found it..), the Liverpool museum, the Beatles story, and finally the most interesting:  SIEZED.  The museum was about smuggling illegal objects into the country and how we should NOT do it.  PERIOD.

Finally my last day in England was spent in the lovely London area where I visited Kensington Palace, Peter Pan (of course), and the Olympic parks.  It was literally the hottest day ALL summer that day (it was really only 85 degrees, but those poor Londoners were melting!).  While Tom was dying of heat stroke, I was skipping throughout Hyde Park taking in all of the activities.  Again, a reoccurring theme…there are no rules in England:  If you want to drink in the park, DO IT!  If you want to make out with your lover in the park, DO IT (in the most public areas, of course!), and if you want to wear your best speedo to tan GO FOR IT!.

SEE!?!??! It’s a party on the trains!

Casually strolling through the park with a beer in hand…TOTALLY FINE.
…I did not check ID’s on these young men.

What’s up Ringo, Paul, John, and George?

I also got to meet up with some family who live in London, which is always so great because I was in need of seeing some familiar faces.

Although I am exhausted as I sit in the Lisbon International Airport because, of course, I missed my plane, my jaunt across the pond was great.  It was my first time visiting England during the summer, and it was lovely.  Every time I visit, I never want to leave (Although I was quite upset Lizzie never called for tea during my time there, but again she IS very busy).

Now it’s on to a whole different adventure…SEVILLA!  In these past few weeks, I have been asking a lot of different people about traveling/living abroad, and everyone has told me that this is going to be the greatest year of my life.  So here it goes!

Hasta Luego!


  1. Meghan Stromme says:

    AMY. First of all, I miss you! Second of all, I AM THOROUGHLY JEALOUS THAT YOU WALKED WHERE MICHAEL PHELPS WALKED. What the hey? I want to do that! Third of all, I can’t wait to read the rest of your blog posts. They remind me of you when you’re gone and help me live vicariously through you. 🙂 Anyways, be safe and have fun! Bring me home a boy from Sevilla, okay? 😉 Love ya!

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